19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii. Aj mera level 2 scan hua. Everything is fine but mujhe low lying placenta hai. To uske liye mein kya precautions lu? Aur saath mein mujhe umblical hernia v hai. To usse baby ko to koi asar nhi hoga

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Answer: Ye mera question tha
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Question: I am 13 weeks 4 days pregnant. Aj scan krwaya hai to us mein placenta ki location low lying ai hai. Posterior low lying placenta. Is it dangerous? Plz guide me
Answer: No it is not dangerous don't worry too much about this In 80% of the cases, low lying placenta at the this week usually shift upward with the growth of uterus You need to take some precautions regarding this Take bed rest with leg end raised Avoid sexual intercourse for any physical exertion Avoid excessive bending or lifting heavy objects continue your progesterone tablets If you notice vaginal bleeding you should consult your doctor immediately. Repeat the scan to see the status of placenta
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Question: Mam mera question tha ki mujhe low lying placenta aur umblical hernia ke liye kya precautions lena chahiye?
Answer: Hi, for low lying placenta you need to take bed rest as much as possible as else it can lead to bleeding and complications. You should avoid doing exercises or vending for umbilical hernia. If you get pain you should immediately consult your Dr Avoid any aerobics or lifting anything heavy Take care
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Question: Hello..I am 21 weeks pregnant... level 2 ultrasound me posterior low lying placenta touching internal OS aya hai...is everything fine???
Answer: Posterior just means that the placenta is attached to the rear wall of your uterus Low lying touching internal os is not unusual during early pregnancy and mostly it moves as the pregnancy progress If it doesn't then there are chances of c section Don't worry stay calm
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