40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: aj mene usg karaya report me hai ki bpd 87 mm , hc 326 mm ,fl 76 mm , ac 336 mm , ga 37w , Edd 1/3/2018 EFW 3442 gms placenta is fundo posterior grade iii mild oligohydroaminos is seen in sab ka kya matlab hai aur internal os is closed aisa bji likha hai what it means aur jo isme edd btayi hai usi time pe delivery aane ka chances hai ya usse pehle bhi ho sakta hai ?? plz reply me fast

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Answer: Hey, everything is normal in your report. your baby’s growth is upto mark. jo mild oligohydroaminos likha hai that means ki amniotic fluid kam ho gya hai, it's normal during last week's of pregnancy to have lo level of af. Aap har ghante pani piyo ro kerp yourself hydrated.
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    Rinki Vyas1028 days ago

    thank u kya isse bhi kam ho jaye to csec k chances hai

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Question: Anomaly Scan Report says FOETAL WEIGHT PARAMETERS BPD - 48.1 mm 20 weeks 4 days HC - 186.4 mm 21 weeks 0 days AC - 154.9 mm 20 weeks 5 days FL - 35.5 mm 21 weeks 2 days EFW - 384 gms (+ - 16%) Estimated Foetal Maturity is 20 weeks 6 days LMP - 14.04.2019 GA by LMP - 21 weeks Is everything ok in this report ? Is my baby's weight ok ? Why are different timings written against BPD,HC etc I am not able to understand. Pls help !
Answer: Everything's fine. Do not worry. Different timing is shown to show how much each part of the baby has grown. For eg. Bpd 20weeks4days means the diameter of ur baby's head is 48.1mm which shows a growth of 20 weeks and 4 days whereas FL 21weeks2days means the babys head to toe length is 35.5mm that is a growth of 21 weeks n 2 days. Dont worry about different timings. It is normal. Your doctor will inform if he finds any problem.
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Question: cephalic presentation... placenta:fundal posterior upper segment,grade II liquor:afi 12 to 12.5 fhr: 149bpm single loop of cord around the fetel neck BIOMETRY BPD:86mm HC:313mm AC:317mm FL:67mm Average gestational age :35 weeks 0 days edd : 16/06/2019 EFW:2622+-383 cervix length:34mm Internal os closed
Answer: Hi. Your report is peefect. There is no complication. Baby weiggt, heat rate, afi all are on range and are good. So take care of your self dear. Would suggest you to just have plenty of water so that loop thats around babies neck could come off.
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Question: Mam 24 week me fetal length kitna hona cahia. kal mene ultrasound karaya lekin repot mei BPD 59mm, FL 43mm, AC 19mm likha hei. Isme baby ka length kon sa hoga..plz ans me
Answer: BPD : 44 FL : 221 (femur length) AC : 197 ideal range in 24 weeks ..
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