24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mjhe aj dizziness ho raha hai kya reason ho sakta hai

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Answer: Dizziness or feeling faint is a normal symptom during pregnancy. It is more common in the first trimester, but you may experience it throughout your pregnancy. Here are some helpful suggestions to reduce dizziness: Avoid standing for long periods. If you must stand, make sure that you keep your feet moving to help increase circulation Get up slowly from either sitting or lying down (this is especially important when you are getting out of the bath) Eat regularly. Avoid long periods between meals; it is better to snack throughout the day Avoid hot baths or showers Avoid lying on your back once you reach the middle of your second trimester Wear loose, comfortable clothing to avoid restricting circulation
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Question: Muje pait mei both side pain ho raha hai kya reason ho sakta hai
Answer: Pregnancy me tummy me pain hona normal hai. Ye pain mainly aapki body k ander jo changes aa rhe hai uski wajah se ho raha hai. Stomach pain aapko constipation ya gas ki Wajah se bhi hota hai. Aap Aaram se baithiye aur apne legs to aaram se upar rakhiye.Garm pani ki bottle se apne stomach ki sikai kijiye.Jyada se jyada pani pijiye.Khoob sara rest kijiye
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Question: Mera baby aj bahut ro rha hai... Kya reason ho sakta hai
Answer: May be gas problem.. Himalaya ki bonnisan aati h.. Best for babies 6 drops twice a day
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Question: mere stomach me left and side me pain ho raha hai iska reason kya ho sakta hai
Answer: it is normal....the stretching of ligaments is responsible for abdominal tightening. As the baby grows and demands more space, the uterus stretches itself pushing the other organs. Because of this, the stomach becomes hard and tight with each passing day, and you could feel uncomfortable with your stomach being tight. Round ligament pain is fairly common during this phase of pregnancy. This may not be regular though. Besides this constipation, large meals, or flatulence can also lead to abdominal tightening.
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