33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: aj blood test kra hb 8gm nikla kya karu mera 33 week chal raha h

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Answer: You can follow this time-table to increase HB: 1. Start a day with 1 apple. 2. Have a regular breakfast you wish for. 3. Around 11 am have a glass of pomegranate juice and kiwi fruit 4. Have your lunch, in salads have 1 beetroot chopped. 5. In evening, finely chopped 2-3 beetroot, 3-4 chopped carrots, nicely washed and chopped spinach. Put them in a cooker add little water and salt to taste. Cook for 2-3 whistles. Filter the maximum juice out of it by squeezing the content. You will left with a big glass of juice and drink. 6. Left over content from step 5 can be used to make vegetable for dinner.
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Question: Hlo mera hb 9.5 hai mera 33 week chal raha hai mai kaise hb increase kru plz suggest me
Answer: Hi.. U can try following food habits to increase haemoglobin :The top iron rich foods include green leafy vegetables  like  spinach,  beetroot, tofu, asparagus, chicken liver,  whole egg, oysters, apple, pomegranate, apricot, watermelon, prunes, pumpkin seeds, dates, almonds, raisins, amla and jaggery
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Question: Doc mujhe seventh month start hua h mera hb 8gm h mujhe kya khana chahiye blood ko bdane k lia
Answer: Dropping hb is very common for pregnant mother and its really cause big concern. Expecting mothers have to take care of their hb levels. Doctor prescribed iron or folic acid tablet. But pregnant women should also take natural things too. Leafy vegetables rich in iron like spinach, methi leaves, dhaniya leave and mint can work as the powerhouse. These green vegetables also have othe nutrients. Fruits like anaar, apple, banana and many other fruits are also rich in iron. Drink tomato and beetroot soup daily. Beetroot and tomato you can eat as it is with little salt. Take one handful dry fruits as snacks and eat but in small quantity. Eat only soaked almonds. Include salad, dale, roti, beans and peas in your daily food. Sprouts are also good source of iron.
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Question: Mera beta 3years ka h uska blood 8gm kya karu
Answer: Hi dear. aapke baby mein blood kam hai to usko iron rich diet De usko daily pomegranate seed pomegranate juice pilaye, Uske khane Main Usko beetroot as a salad daily offer Karen . usko sweet potato, tofu , beans, lentil green leafy vegetable, broccoli etc de. aap Daily 5-6 koshmish pani me bhigo kar rakhe and Subah uthkar yeh kishmish wala Pani and kishmish baby ko de is aap ke baby ka hemoglobin level increase hoyega . hope this will help you
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