1 months old baby

Question: Agar baby ko hitchki lag jay to kiya krna chahy !?

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Question: Agar meri wife thanda pani peete toh kiya meri bacchi ko thand lag sakti hai??
Answer: Hi! Baby ko thand sirf infection se lag sakti hain,, agar mummy ko sardi - khasi- running nose hain tabhi baby ko thand lagne ke chances hain nehi toh koi problem nehin.. Hope this helps!
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Question: one month baby ko ktna feed krna chahy agr vo bottle feeding krta ho
Answer: Koi fix amount ni hota par haan aapka baby aapko signs jaroor dega if he is full. Signs That Your Baby Is Full Closing lips. Just as a hungry baby suckles readily, a full baby zips his lips, as if to say, "No more, thanks." Turning his head away. A more forceful version of closing his lips is to move his entire head away from the food source. If your baby turns away from your breast or a bottle, you shouldn't force him to eat. Decreasing or stopping sucking. Some full babies will stay latched on to the nipple but not suck any more—at which point, it's time to gently end the session. Spitting out the nipple or falling asleep when full. After about 15 to 20 minutes of feeding, a full baby will often act drowsy and may even fall asleep. Showing increasing interest in surroundings rather than eating. At around 4 months old many babies begin to get distracted during feedings, as their awareness of the world around them grows. A hungry baby will put this curiosity on hold long enough to feel sated. When he begins looking around more distractedly, it's a sign he's had plenty.
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Question: agar baby ko najar lag jye jaise ki sb bde log kehte h to usme kya krna chahye?
Answer: On every Tuesday and Sunday, ek Muthi namak le kar baby k charo taraf 7 Barr ghumao and then namak flush kar do bina dekhe
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