37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After 36 weeks how much babg can gain weight per week till 40 weeks??

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Answer: The baby can about half pound that is around 225gms of weight each week.
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Question: How much a baby can gain weight after 35 weeks of pregnancy till birth??
Answer: Hello dear, a baby can easily gain 800grams to 1kg in the last 5 weeks of pregnancy...
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Question: How much weight baby will gain in 36 to 40 weeks
Answer: hello dear, baby gain maximum weight in last 3-4 weeks of pregnancy. In this time baby can gain up to 500 grams to 1000 grms of wt.
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Question: How much weight baby gain after 31 week per week??
Answer: Hi, dear in last trimester baby gain weight more rapidly till delivery so your baby will gain around 1/2 pound per week.
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