35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After 34 weeks do we have any other growth scan to be taken? If yes, then at which weeks?

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Answer: Hello! One more growth scan might be done in the 9th month which is after 36 weeks. But again it depends on the doctor. If the doctor needs the requirement,might ask to go for the scan. Take care
Answer: Now you will have to get near term scan which is a between 37 to 39 weeks
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Question: After anomaly scan is there any scan if yes then when it should be??
Answer: Yes in each trimester there is one mandatory scan. Your second level scan in second trimester is done that is anomaly scan and in third trimester in between 28 to 34 weeks you should have another as a sonography that is growth scan to check a growth of a baby and to decide expected final date of delivery. Even some daughter papers to take advance growth scan after 36 weeks in between 38 to 39 weeks to check babies final position and dilation of cervix. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can we have sex during first trimester? If yes,then any precaution should be taken!
Answer: Hello.. No dear, it is not safe, You can have intercourse after first trimester,if you notice any bleeding or pain,after intercourse please consult doctor,it is better to get their attention
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Question: After anamoly scan then what was the next test Nd which weeks we have to do...
Answer: Hello dear, after anomaly scan a Doppler scan is done to check if blood circulation to the baby and uterus is fine..it is done in the 7th month of pregnancy around 28-32 weeks of pregnancy... It also depends on your pregnancy and your doctor to decide if any other scan requires to be done apart from the common ones..
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