3 months old baby

Question: After vaccination i used hot water compression for baby. It is k or not?? Should use only cold water ah??

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Answer: Hi. Yes only cold water or ice should be used. Hot water is not adVisable at all. Please dont do this in future again.
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    monisha vasudevan147 days ago

    Will it leads to any pblm??

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Question: Hot water or cold water best for face after delivery
Answer: Nt hot or cold use warm water avoid cold water for at least 3 months so ull nt be effected by cold since u r feeding better u also be warm everytime
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Question: Till what time should we use hot water after c section and why is it advised to use hot water
Answer: Its better to use at least 5 months.. to avoid attacking cold to u n ur baby its advised to use hot water
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Question: Which water should i use to bath my baby hot or cold ??
Answer: Warm. You should not feel cold or hot by testing water by your elbow. Always check by elbow. That's the only part of hand can give right answer about temperature. Bend your hand and test water by elbow.
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