3 months old baby

Question: After vaccination how many days fever will be there my baby is 2 and half months

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Answer: Hi! If at all fever it depends on vaccines, maximum 24-48 hours not more than that. U can offer baby crocin too on Dr. prescription. Good luck!
Answer: It's normal. Maximum 1 or half day fever will come. Don't worry about that.
Answer: Give him crosin syrup
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Question: Till how many days fever will remain after 1 and half month vaccination
Answer: Hi mam don't worry it will remain for three days if we give proper medicine on regular time so you don't need to worry mum if the temperature is high on forehead you can buy with with with cloth and also if the swelling is there on the injected area you can massage with ice cube bag don't apply directly on baby skin that may hurt you can repeat in a towel And applay on baby is injected area that helps to reduce the swelling
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Question: After 3.5 month vaccination how many days fever wil be there pls tel
Answer: After each vacation, babies will get fever for a day or two. If your baby have fever for more than 2 days consult your doctor. It is good to use paracetamol drops after vacation 3 times a day. Don't give bath to your baby next day of vacation.
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Question: Done 6weeks vaccination yesterday. how many days fever will b there and when my baby will b normal
Answer: Hi, Now the baby is feeling stiffness in the leg and having fever what you can do is apply ice on the leg to reduce the pain and the medicine for fever now this last just almost two days from most babies take care
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