4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After tvs report shows its quadruplets. I'm very worried about healthy baby. Kindly suggest what I have to do

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Answer: There would be no problem. Have a well balanced diet and take good care always be happy and be positive.
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Question: I'm very worried about labour and delivery. What do I do?
Answer: Hey dear. Its just your start. You have a long journey to cover. You are pregnant. Enjoy your pregnancy and mothe hood. Dont take any stress as it is of no use. It will only have adverse affect on baby. Rite now eat whatever you want. Listen to good n soothing music. Relax and see how everybody takes care of you and pamper you. Just imagine a very small little baby is inside you. Do you how it will feel when a small little baby will be in your arms. You will feel on the top of the world. So just Chill
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Question: My baby is 1.5 months old. Today i saw soft lump on his head. Its painless but I'm very worried about it. Kindly suggest...
Answer: Hi dear if there is a soft lump on the baby's head and the baby is not crying cure not crying while you touch it then I don't think it is a serious concern but in your next visit to your pediatrician it will be better if you show this to your doctor .. Hope this helps!
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Question: my baby have very very less hair nd I am worried about this what can I do to grow hair
Answer: Hi dear, if baby has less hair growth then few things which you can do as I also had same issues and my baby started growing more hair after this.  here are few tips,  hope it will help.  * Regular oiling improves the blood circulation and good for hair growth *It’s best to wash your child’s hair no more than once in every 2-3 days. This will keep the scalp clean and reduce hair fall *If your child’s hair is too curly and bushy then you might want to use a kid friendly conditioner after shampooing, one drop would also . This will help you tame tangles and maintain silky smooth hair for your child. *Brush baby's hair and keep it tidy. If you do as above you will see the improvement. 
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