23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After taking iron tablets in the afternoon.. Am not at all comfortable and I don't get sleep also.. Why

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Answer: Take iron tablets in the evening long before your sleeping time..It will not disturb your sleep
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Question: I am feeling sleepy all the time and also i sleep early around 10 at night but i usually get awake at 4am in the morning... And i feel very hungry at that time... Don't no why ??
Answer: Hello dear, one of the reasons for fatigue and sleep problems during pregnancy are changing hormone levels. For example, rising progesterone levels may partly explain excessive daytime sleepiness, especially in the first trimester. ... Several sleep disorders can be caused or made worse by pregnancy. After delivery you will feel better, so feeling sleepy is not a big deal. And keep some dry fruits beside you, when you feel hungry, have it, it is normal to feel hungry at midnight. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: Now I am in 6th month, I went every month to lab for checking my hemoglobin, it is decreasing month by month why? And what is the reason? And how to increase my hemoglobin?? I am taking iron tablets daily at night, now a days i am taking iron tablets afternoon also. Tel me how to increase my hemoglobin... Thank you...
Answer: It is normal to experience mild anemia during pregnancy due to increased blood volume. There are some foods which can help to increase hb level, i have listed it for you, start consuming it and you will surely see the difference.Vegetarian: spinach, tofu, asparagus, broccoli, green peas, tomatoes, bell peppers, cauliflower, potatoes, fenugreek leaves, beans,Fruits: Beetroot, pomegranate, watermelon, apple, apricot, oranges, strawberries, papaya, grape fruit, banana, peach, persimmons, mulberries, guava, litchis, kiwi Non vegetarian: Whole egg, chicken liver, oysters, meat, seafood, red lean meat, clams Other foods: dates, almonds, amla, raisins, prunes, pumpkin seeds, dried beans, Nettle, wheat germ, sprouts, peanuts, colocasia leaves, soyabeans, currants, legumes( soya nuts, red kidney beans, chickpeas, black-eyed peas, black beans, lentils, fava beans) starch and grains, brown rice, dark chocolates, whole grains, yogurt, daal , rajma, sesame seeds.
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Question: I am not able to take iron and calcium tablets. Whenever i take , i vomit with in few minutes. I am not taking the iron and calcium tablets
Answer: Try to take MGD3 tablets for calcium. And try to supplement iron with spinach. Red saag. Stem of banana tree. Etc which are naturally available.
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