14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: after taking dinner at 10 pm I am taking my breakfast at 10 am is it very late or fine

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Answer: it is very late dear. 12hours difference between meals is not good! have some light meals between 10am and 10pm
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Question: Hi Dr./Mom's, I am in 6 week, please suggest on following points I am taking soaked almonds, figs, akhrot, in morning at 7 am. Then at 8 am I am taking fruits - apple, gauava, pomegranate,banana, moshambi. Then at 9.30 I am taking a glass of milk. Then some breakfast at 11 am . Then lunch at 1 pm then some fruit at 4-5 pm then dinner at 7 pm then milk with ghee at 10 pm.
Answer: Hey dear, you diet is fine there is no problem but I guess you are taking more fruits and vegetables but if you can digesting well then there is nothing to worry about. I will suggest you to avoid taking milk with ghee before third trimester of pregnancy as it can increase your body heat and leads to preterm delivery. Drink plain milk before bed time to get a good sleep. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am working woman, I have my dinner at around 10 and then take milk at 10:30. Is half an hour gap is fine
Answer: Yes dear there is no problem with that much gap. You should have hot milk - not too hot. Avoid having raw and cold milk. There are bacteria which can effect your health in raw milk.
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Question: Hi I am 24weeks pregnant. My heart starts beating very fast after having breakfast. Followed by fast breathing. Doesn't happen after lunch or dinner. Is this normal?
Answer: gd morning, this is anita. right now I m 8month crossed. M feeling little bit pain in left side..so what to do?
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