1 months old baby

Question: after surgery when will have to do sex.

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Answer: First congratulations to you and your family for the arrival of your bundle of joy. C sec recovery is a crucial time. You can't be ignorant towards it. To deliver the baby your doc has cut many layers(skin fat muscles tissues etc) are cut, wch is later sewn back. Its more then necessary for you to give time for your stitches to heal to avoid any complications in future and be able to carry out normal routine. And thus doesn't happen in a day or week or for that matter in a month. It takes minimum of 3 months for your internal stitches to heal and another 3 for external healing. Therefore you need to avoid sex atleast for 3 months.
Answer: Hii u can have sex after 6 to 8 week of delivery. Do consult score before having relationship. Also make sure to be comfortable while having relationship. Don't let ur stitches place get pressure. all the best.
Answer: Minimum after 3 months dear. Nd u should be very careful bcz after delivery... Humen periods ate hai.... Kisi kisi ko late ate hai... Nd in between that there is chances of conceive.... So..be careful
Answer: Your body needs minimum 6 to 8 weeks of postpartum rest. After that you can !!
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Question: When we can have sex after c-section n tobactomy surgery
Answer: You consult with doctor who care about your pregnancy as she knows about your stitches and can examine it.
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Question: Hi when will have sex after delivery
Answer: Hi.. You can make love with your partner, after a span of four to six weeks of your delivery. However, use precautions, because chances of conceiving again are quite high during this phase.
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Question: Hi, after normal delivery when woman will have sex??
Answer: Hello dear Wait for atleast 1 month. If u see that ur stitches has completely healed up then aftdr checking with ur doctor, u can start having intercourse.
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