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Question: After periods of five days is it possible to concieve a baby

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Answer: Hi dear, Conception of baby is only possible if you have egg and sperm.if there is no egg,then sperm cannot fertilize if you have intercourse in absence of ovulation, which usually comes from 10 th day to 16 th day post period ,the possibility of conceiving decreases.
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    Pooja Queen997 days ago

    We intercourse frm 19th to just asking for possiblity

Answer: It is probably rate after 5days it will take some time to mature the egg for ovulation....on that ovulation time only u may get pregnant..
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Answer: Hi,you can try to conceive thee are chances of conceiving.whdn you try after the periods ,if you have e tried during the periods than NO.after 12 th day you should try to conceive.
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Question: Is it possible that even after 10 days of missed periods to get a negative urine pregnancy test?
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