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Question: After ovulation shall we have sex?

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Answer: When a person has sex within 12–24 hours after the release of a mature egg, there is a high chance of conceiving. Ovulation occurs when one of the ovaries releases a mature egg. This is the time when the body is ready to receive sperm for fertilization.
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Question: My ovulation is after 2 days can i have sex
Answer: Yes you can ..... Generally before ovulation upto 5 -7days male sperms can live in female body ....Have sex alternative days to get results ....Hope it will help you ...All the best
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Question: Can we get pregnant.. If we have sex three days before ovulation.. Will sperm be alive.. Because we dint have intercourse on the day of ovulation
Answer: Have sex before three days of ovulation then there is less chance of pregnancy. You should have more sex on ovulation days. these days of 12 to 17 days of your period.
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Question: My lmp is may25 After missing periods shall we hav sex?
Answer: First get ur check up to confirm pregnancy in hospital.....if there r no complications u can have sex after 4month
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