1 months old baby

Question: After my breastfeed my baby never do potty but after formula milk he do... I give him formula milk 3 times a day bcs my milk flow is less.

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Answer: Hello! It is normal and nothing to worry. Let the baby do potty, it will get better as the baby grows. Take care
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Question: I feed my bm only 4 times in a day to my baby and 5 times formula milk.. formula milk i give bcs my milk is less. So is it fine?
Answer: Yes giving formula milk to babies when u have low supply of milk is fine... breast milk supply can be enhanced if latching and feeding is rapid.. the more you feed the more the secretion for your demanding baby.. u may try for foods that enhance the supply of breast milk too like garlic, moringaleaves, cumin, rawpapaya, eggs if u hav no gas problems, fenugreek, rusk, milk with horlicks, dry fishetc. Inspite of trying with remedies and foods if u still have low supply of milk then obviously u may need formula milk for ur growing demanding baby.. If possible try enhancing ur supply by letting ur baby latch more.. and formula milks are completely safe too so dont wry if u r in need of feeding ur baby with formula milk
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Question: hi my baby is 56 days old .. and I give him formula milk twice a day morning and night ... and I breastfeed him aswell but he poos about 7- 8 times a day is fine ?
Answer: Till 6 months only bm. Breastfeed is best for your baby. Bf has number of health benefits for baby. It increase the bonding between mother and baby. It prevents ear infection, diarrhea, illness. Bf increases baby's immune system. It makes bones strong. Breastfed babies have a better antibody response to vaccine than formula fed babies. 7 to 8 times pee is normal and sign of sufficient breast milk.
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Question: My baby is 3 months 10 days old. He is on BM and i give him formula 3 times a day. He does potty every alternate day. He farts a lot. Is it normal ??
Answer: I am glad to enlighten the fact on this topic.... Bottle feeding to new borne baby is very dangerous, if u were unable to feed ur best mother milk then make sure baby donot drink by bottle while sleeping, under emergency bottle feed baby in upright position by keeping her/his head up, I will tell u the reasons and sign of dangers behind bottle feeding .... Mother milk is best as it contain all vital nutrients that baby needed for his growth development and build immunity..... If not possible then go for formula milk as it's better then cow or any other milk, after 1 yr cow milk is better , at earlier stages cow milk is difficult to digest and some time causes allergy to baby and much more health issues..... now I am telling u to the danger sign of bottle feeding as it causes 1) Sever and common problem of ear infection as baby suck mouth full volume of milk and some fluid get entered into his ear as small vein is connected to ear and mouth, after few days u will start observing baby stretches his ear ?And cry... 2) Obesity 3) respiratory problems , asthma 4) lower I Q and cognitive development 5) digestive problem 6) high blood pressure and heart diseases 7) childhood cancer, SID 8) allergy 9) iron deficiency anemia 10) diabetes 11) dental problem , gum and teeth decay due to sugar 12) sleeping apnea and environmental contamination etc and much more..... Most important never breast feed ur baby while sleeping as it causes ear infection to ur baby as I explained above.... Right position and burping ur baby is very important.... Be aware and enjoy motherhood period by making lovable bond with ur baby... Gud luck mother keep u and ur baby healthy.....
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