17 months old baby

Question: After meal my baby vomites ...... what should i do

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Answer: From yesterday only
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Question: My baby vomits after every meal, what should I do?
Answer: Hello dear It is Worrisome, if ur baby is not eating anything and vomit out everything. As all the babies at this age are doing the same. It might be due to various reasons: Does not like the taste of food he eat They don't like the texture of food So, make for baby different taste food so that baby can enjoy the food and love the taste.
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Question: My baby is doing poop after every meal... What should i do?
Answer: if it is more watery and fowl smelling plz consult a doctor. provide more liquids diet to your baby
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Question: my baby vomites after every feeding... even after the burf... what should i do... bt he is active and fussy...
Answer: Hi dear.. It is very common till 6th month. Do not worry, keep burping the baby after every feed..
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