6 months old baby

Question: After introducing cerelac to my 6+month baby

Answer: Hello dear Yes, u can give cerelac to ur 6 months old baby. you should introduce your baby with Semi-solids in the initial few weeks. Once baby gets comfortable with that, then you can start to feed Cerelac to your baby.
Answer: Dear please post a full question..
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Question: Can i give cerelac to my 6 month baby?
Answer: Hello, dear. Yes you can give Cerelac to your little one. You can also give what you make for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here are a few foods that you can give your 6 month old: Breastmillk plus Rice Cereal. Oatmeal Cereal. Barley Cereal. Apricot Puree 6 to 8 months Apples. Avocado. Baked Apples. Dal water. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: when i have to start cerelac to baby after 6 months completed or at d starting of 6 month???
Answer: After completing 6 months dear. The best time to start other food and solids is only after 6 months. So wait till 6 months is a worth. Also baby takes 4-6 months to hold the neck completely . A strong head to neck control helps the baby to accept solids well and can easily swallow.
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Question: My 6 months baby from 2 days pooping in white chunks after introducing semi solid food added ajwan too
Answer: Dear it is normal for the baby of that age poop undigested food particles. So relax there is nothing to get worried. Hope it helps.
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