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Question: After intercourse within how days before periods i want to check with beta hcg test

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Answer: Hi you should wait till you have missed your period once you have missed your periods you can do blood beta HCG test and after 8 days of missing your periods you can do urine pregnancy test to confirm on your pregnancy
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Question: After intercourse within how many hours I can check with pregnancy test..?
Answer: Pregnancy won't depend on the time of intercourse. You can the test a week after you miss your period.
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Question: After how many days of missed periods one can take beta hcg test ?
Answer: U can do beta HCG blood test after 26th day of ur periods, i mean before missed period also it will give correct result. Urine pregnancy test u should do after 7 days of missed period
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Question: Can we test beta hcg before 4 days of missing periods
Answer: Hai! Before 4 days means u might not get the accurate reading. You should only check after 4 to 8 days of missed period.
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