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Question: After intercourse i got vaginal discharge for about 10-15 minutes like if it is bleeding is it normal or any problem is there

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Answer: If the discharge was red it is not good. Please consult ur doctor. Any discharge which is not white or odourless is a matter of concern and should be addressed to doctor
Answer: No it is not red it is white
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Question: I have again vaginal bleeding today after stoppage for 10 days is it normal or??
Answer: Hello dear, it may be you are getting period after your delivery. It's possible to get period just next month after delivery. Myself is a live example of that. So, wait for 5 to 7days if the flow is normal. But if flow increases and persists more than 7 days then you need to consult your doctor.
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Question: Is there any problem after healing vaginal stitches intercourse any pain or infection causes
Answer: Hi dear wait for atleast 6 months to go inter course
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Question: there is white cheese like vaginal discharge is it normal
Answer: Hi...yes the thick,milk like or cheese like vaginal discharge during pregnancy is very Not worry...there are lots of harmonal changes going on in your body now and so is the vaginal discharge...
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