20 months old baby

Question: After I stopped bf it's been 3 months my baby is not intrested to drink cow milk,tried with all supplement please suggest...

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Answer: Dear if baby is not taking Coe milk than you can give dahi lassi shake kheer custard paneer and cheese . Baby will get same nutrition. Use attractive glass.
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Question: I have stopped to feeding to my baby but she don't want to drink cow milk plz suggest me
Answer: Dear don’t worry baby will start to take Cow milk . Don’t give your feed . Now you can give dahi lassi paneer chess tofu kheer and shake. This will also give the milk nutrition. Use attractive glass for milk.
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Question: I just stopped breast feeding my baby... He is not at all showing interest to drink packet milk..I am mixing with jaggery and giving to him but he is avoiding.please suggest what to do
Answer: Dear baby will do this for many days . You Should give small milk at one time . Use attractive glass . You Should also drink with baby. Give all foods .
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Question: Hello mommies...pls suggest any idea,,,my baby is not taking water even after solid foods,..Badly my breast milk had been stopped...he is not taking formula milk..even . tried buffalo milk and cow milk but he didn't s not at all...I don't what should I do??
Answer: Add different tastes in cow milk and water like nibu pani, butter milk jaggery, almond powder etc
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