Few weeks old baby

Question: After how much time i should feed my 2 week old baby?also hw can i knw that my breastfeed is enough fir my baby?

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Question: How can i get to know that my baby is getting enough milk after breastfeeding...how many times should i feed my baby n how much time
Answer: Hello dear. If you notice these signs, your baby should be getting enough milk: Your baby is feeding at least six to eight times a day . Breastfeeding feels comfortable and you are free of pain in your breast and nipple after the first few sucks, once your milk has let down . Your breasts feel softer and less full after feeds. Your baby is wetting two or three wet nappiesin the first 48 hours, which becomes more frequent. Once your baby is over five days old, your baby should have at least six wet nappies every 24 hours. Take care.
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Question: How can i knw that my breast milk is reduced? And hw can i knw my milk is enough fr my baby
Answer: If ur baby feeds for 20 -30 minutes and sleeps for 2 hours u can happily say that u have enough milk .. remember to feed on one breast till its empty.. usually breast takes 10-15 minutes to empty.. Breast milk are reduced or increased by the need of ur baby..brain notes each feed and arranges the next volume based on previous one..if ur baby sucks even after completing two breasts let him do that coz brain is recording..😉
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Question: My baby is 7days old...how many times should I breastfeed my baby.. how much time
Answer: Hello dear, atleast 20 minutes is required for feeding, 10 minute from each breast. Try to feed every 2 hours.
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