1 months old baby

Question: After how many days,we should use post pregnancy belt for c-section & which type of belt is best?

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Answer: U can use it after two to three days of ur deliverey use cotton belt not plastic one
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Question: After how many days of c section we can use belt
Answer: After a month , u can use belt . by 15days, u can use a thin long muslin cloth to wrap around ur belly securing with safety pins Pls note: belts and wraps just gives a support and does not help in reducing belly. Exercises, diet and breastfeeding will consequently do it.
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Question: How many days we should keep post partum belt after C-section delivery
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Minimum time to wait is six weeks. You should go for belt only after your stitches are completely healed. Consult your doctor to know if the stitches are healed. Take care
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Question: Best tummy tucker belt for c section moms...& after how many days one can use it?
Answer: You can use maternity belt or you can use strong cloth as belt continously for 2_3 months. Only the the tummy will reduce
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