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Question: After how many days we can confirm pregnancy

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Answer: After having successful intercourse during your ovulation time minimum you have to wait 20 days how to get a confirm result in pregnancy test kit. will be better if you will take the test after a week of your missed period.... All the best 👍😊
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Question: After how many days can I visit the doctor?
Answer: Hi, start taking folic acid tablet once daily to prevent baby neural tube defects.drink plenty of fluids.avoid excess spices and salts.take proper rest and have healthy diet.better to avoid intercourse, travelling and lifting heavy weights.better to get early pregnancy scan at 6-7 weeks.all the best
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Question: After how many days of c section we can starts sex
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood dear after 6 to 8 weeks of c section if external stitches r heal nd bleeding has stoped then u can go for sex its safe but make sure take precaution while sex otherwise there s full chance of again concieving so precaution s nesasary. Take care
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Question: After how many days we can give tummy time to our new born??
Answer: You can give tummy time until baby roll on his own..
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