3 months old baby

Question: After how many days of delivery (normal delivery) can a mother start doing exercise??

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Answer: After onemonth
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Question: Hi.please how many month for pregnancy to start exercise
Answer: Form 4th month onwards you can start a exercise but before doing any exercise confirm from your doctor whether your pregnancy allow you to do that or not. Walking daily for 30 to 45 minutes is good which you can continue throughout your pregnancy. Take care.
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Question: When we can start exercise after normal delivery. During pregnancy gained 30kg weight. So i want to reduce it. Which exercise is good and can i start now.
Answer: Of course...it's time to maintain your health.....use some yoga with exercises .....watch YouTube for useful exercises
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Question: After how many days of normal delivery can I take bath
Answer: Doctors said 5 day , but our grannies told 11 days
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