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Question: After how many days of C-section we should start using abdominal belt

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Answer: After delivery, the biggest problem is how to put the stomach inside? If you want it immediately, it is not easy. You take the food containing fiber more and more. Eat green leafy vegetables. Take the egg and it contains many proteins. Keep dieting from sugar and white rice. Do not consume deaf food or soft drinks. Exercise for 30 minutes daily. Do not exercise too hard until you breastfeed your baby. you can start wearing the belt. but do ask your doctor before wearing it because body condition differ person to person.
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Question: After how many days of C section we can start using maternity belt?
Answer: Hello dear. Abdominal belt should be used only after a month, as it takes about 25 days for the stitches to heal. You can also confirm with your doctor. The abdominal belt holds the loose flesh around the belly and thus makes each movement easier. As your abdomen is held firmly in place, your incision wounds heal quickly. Take care.
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Question: Is it good to use peregancy belt after c section..after how many days we should start using
Answer: Wait for 3-4 weeks and then u can start using belt.. it not nly helps get ur tummy back in shape but protects the stomach weight to hang on stiches and also helpd my backpain heal soon.
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Question: Hi. After how many days of c-section can we wear abdominal belt?
Answer: I started wearing after 20 days of c section delivery..as the stiches need to dry completely ...I used to wear it throughout except while sleeping and eating...
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Question: When we should start using belt after c section
Answer: Hello dear.. You can start now, but after consulting doctor,Initially you should start wrapping your tummy with soft cotton cloth for few days, then after that start wearing belt
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