3 months old baby

Question: After how many days of c.section we can do intercourse?

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Answer: Dear once your stitches are healed and you are comfortable in the act you are all ready to do action😉😉.... so as its showing here that your baby is 3 months then its completely safe to have intercourse now. Just take care of your stitches and dont put any pressure on it.
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Question: How many days we can do intercourse
Answer: I if you are planning to conceive then you should make your ovulation period which is most likely between 12th to 17th day of your periods during this period on every alternate days you should try and have intercourse this will help to give you positive results it is because the chances of conception during this period is very high also remember after the intercourse try not to use washroom get up from the bed for at least 20 minutes after having intercourse
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Question: After how many days of c section we can do intercourse...
Answer: Hello dear! After c section till three months you need complete rest for complete healing. It will take time for uterus to become normal. After three months you can have sex. But the chances of getting pregnant is high because if periods are absent ovulation will take take place. So its good to be careful and use preventive measures. A time gap of 2 years is needed between the c section to aviod risks. take care dear
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Question: After how many days of c-sec delivery we can do intercourse.
Answer: U can after 6 weeks if u feel any pain or bleeding then wait for few more weeks. If my answer is satisfied then mark as helpful.
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