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Question: After how many days of c sec and family planning operation we can use tummy tucker..

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Answer: Hii dear. I started using if after 4 months of delivery. It is completely depends on ur comfort .if u r ok then u can even use after 2 to 3 months.
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    Ashwini Babar1030 days ago

    But after so much time gap does d tummy comes in shape????

Answer: After completing 3rd month I started using tummy tucker based on my doc advice
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Question: how many days does the pain exists in tummy after c sec and family planning oprtn..
Answer: Hi dear you need at least a month or 45 days to feel a little better but for complete healing will take atleast 3 months.
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Question: How many days after operation is done for family planning.
Answer: Hello ma'am You can wait six weeks after giving birth to do any family planning. But do consult your doctor before.
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Question: how many days after c sec we can use tummy belt to reduce tummy ? plz reply no 1 replies
Answer: Hi dear, Post c section ,you can start using the belt as soon as your stiches heal and you are comfortable.the belt could be used till 6 months post delivery.it can be worn through out the day except while sleeping and having meals.
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