Few weeks old baby

Question: After how many days of a c section I can go for a parlour session ?

Answer: Hi dear generally u can visit after 2 months when ur body will be fine and u will stop with the period. Do avoid any Brazilian wax if normal or c sec delivery. Rest all decide u can take in a hygienic and good parlour.
Answer: Hi dear, Once the stiches heal,and when you are comfortable,you can go to parlor.
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Question: How many days to go for intercourse after C-section ?
Answer: Hi your stitches should be healed internally and externally before you go for sex.So please contact doctor to confirm if internal stitches are healed.Take care
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Question: Hi, after delivery of 17 days may i go to parlour for bikini wax or after how many days i will go for it ?
Answer: Hi dear, I would suggest you to wait for another month or two to indulge in such beauty treatment.though each body is different and you never know how sensitive your body gets post delivery,so you be on safer side please wait for 2 months atleast.
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Question: after c sec after how many days i can go on a walk
Answer: Hi dear,it is good that you are getting concerned for your fitness. However you can start taking walks after 6 weeks if your csec.but remember to go slow initially and then gradually to increase .take care
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