27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After food sugar level 144.....is it safe..?

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Answer: Yes it safe but u have to take less amount of sugar because it's in border 150 is last value after take food
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    Pratheesha K1133 days ago

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Question: Sugar level 144 which daiet
Answer: Hi dear. I would suggest you to drink lot of water as it will help in maintaining good sugar level because the sugar level is high and you should also avoid all sugary and sweet food such as he had porridge Ice cream Cake pastries etc. all carbonated drinks should also be avoided . a fruit name Black plum also called jamun in Hindi is really great in maintaining good sugar level so you should try eating that fruit . you must also go for walk daily as a walking is a great exercise at to maintain good sugar level .
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Question: my sugar level is high.. after food sugar test level is 155 ... doctor suggest me glycomet... is it safe to taking during pregency... can anyone suggest me pls
Answer: Glycomet contains Metformin hydrochloride and the drug of choice for Gestational diabetes as u are falling in the criteria of gestational diabetes becoz ur sugar levels are on higher side. There is no side effect at all on taking Glycomet.
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Question: mera sugar level 144 hai .it is normal?
Answer: For preexisting diabetes during fast and before meal it should be in between 60to 99 and after meal(1-2hrs) should be less than 140. For gestational diabetes during fasting and before meal it should be less than 95 and after meal less than 120. This is a general medical guideline.
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