1 months old baby

after first vaccination my son is sleeping more time I am using fever syrup is there any problem pls answer me

No problem dear.This may happen
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Question: my son didn't get fever after 3rd vaccine,is there any problem???
Answer: Not getting fever after vaccine is as normal as getting fever. Do not worry please if there was any problem u would have noticed by now. So relax dear.
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Question: Hi i am 21 week today after uriene I found little brown discharge is there any problem pls answer sister
Answer: I am 5 week pregnant woman and having pain in my lower abdominal with back and leg pain. Is it normal or I should worry
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Question: in babies how fever is recognised using thermometer. i mean above 100 degree is considered fever or ? & after vaccination @ which degree temp syrup shud be given
Answer: yes if body temperature goes above 99 it's considered as fever. Give your baby 0.5ml of crocin.
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