2 months old baby

Question: After first delivery my left breast become big....now i have second baby ...wat can i do

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Answer: Dear change in breast size is normal after breastfeeding but its important to feed from both sides simultaneously.. My breast size is also different a bit . So dont worry whats done is done but next time breastfeed from both sides...
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    Vinu Pradeep743 days ago


Answer: Hi,you should feed equally from both the breast which will help to maintain buts size else this will affect the size of the breast
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Question: One of my right breast is big wat to do to become equal
Answer: It's normal sister. It's may be u r feeding Ur baby frequently in that breast. Feed your baby both breast. If you want it equal then frequently feed baby with smaller breast.
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Question: Hi iam 38 weeks pregnant. My breasts have become very big. What can i do to reduce my breast???????
Answer: Breast size increases in pregnancy..it is preparing for breastfeeding. You can't reduce the size like that. It will increase more after delivery when you feed the baby..but you have to feed right, nothing can be done. Buy proper fitting bra so that you will be comfortable
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Question: I m pregnant with my second child. First was caesaria can I have normal delivery now
Answer: Hello, Dear the second delivery depends on your previous scar thickness. If the scar thickness is good and baby's position is best for normal delivery then it's compeletly possible.
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