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Question: After first attempt of sex for conceive, is it ok having more sex during ovulation

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Answer: Hi dear surely u should have. U should have sex 2 ti 3 days prior to ur ovulation to increase the chances of pregnancy
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Question: Is that sex after ovulation will affect getting conceive
Answer: Hi, The ovualted egg remains alive fr 12-24 hrs if u Intercourse in that time and the sperm is able to reach then the egg has high chances to get fertilised.. Hope this helps!
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Question: How many days after having sex during my ovulation period should i wait for the text
Answer: Dear after 7 to 10 days you can do the test. Till that time conception takes place
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Question: is having sex safe during first 3 months of pregnancy?
Answer: Yes right now its safe but it completely depends on the health of the baby, your medical conditions & the hygiene that you maintain. In the final weeks of pregnancy many doctors suggest avoiding sex as a safety precaution, since hormones present in semen may stimulate contractions.
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