9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After finishing my lunch my stomach left side so much of pain i can't tolerate what can i do

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Answer: Dear it is normal to have stomach cramps during pregnancy if you are having gas or slow digeative process. If the stomach cramps are accompanied by severe headache or swelling of the hands and legs, consult your gynaecologist. Do not avoid if more than four experiences of stomach cramping in an hour after a meal. There is severe and persistent abdominal pain after eating. Also if stomach cramps accompanied by painful urination or blood in the urine. Hope it helps.  
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Question: I m pregnant nearly 4/5 weeks and feel so much pain in left side of stomach . what I can do ?
Answer: Hi, congratulations for your pregnancy This pain can be due to many reasons Gas Acidity Or round ligament pain which happens due to stretching of muscles due to expansion if uterus You can Have ginger paste with honey 1 teaspoon Have yogurt Have peppermint Have fennel seeds after every meal for digestion This should help .
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Question: Hi my left side Hip is getting lot of pain,, I can't sleep in left side, wat can i do ?
Answer: Hello dear Its due to pregnancy hormones. Hip pain is caused because of the ligaments are loosening now, which holds sacroiliac joints, which connects your spin to the pelvis. While thia jointa and ligaments relaxation helps with birthing process it can cause pain im your hipa, lower back and legs as well.
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Question: I have pain in my left side stomach I can't comfort for walk what can I do that time
Answer: Hllo dear u r 9 weeks pregnant dear dear there r so many physical nd hormonal changes comes in body during pregnancy thats why mild abdominal pain is normal nothing to worry abht .take rest ,avoid sex ,take healthy diet ,avoid carry heavy things if u have unbearable pain consult to ur gyno.
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