1 months old baby

Question: After feeding my baby urinates with in half an hour..and he will be hungry again.. So when he is awake for 4 hours continously i need to feed him 4 times every hour..is it normal??

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Answer: Hi,no dear you should not feed him every hourly ,you should feed every 1:5-2 hrs gap at least This much feed is enough for the baby. Don't worry
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Question: If my newborn is sleeping since 2 and half hours should i awake him to feed or let him sleep and feed when he ll awake himself
Answer: Hi dear.... It is advised to feed the newborn for every 2 hours... U can extend up to 3 hours but more than that is not good.. just put him in your lap and put the nipple he may rest while drinking milk.. don't leave for more than 3 hrs
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Question: In early pregnancy is it normal to be very hungry and feeling sleepy whole day? I am feeling hungry after every half an hour of eating meals etc.
Answer: Yes its completely normal. It happens due to increased levels of progesterone in body. Try to walk slowly after each meal for around 5 to 10 min as it will help in digestion coz soon nausea will pop in. Take care and rest as much as your body demands.
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Question: My baby get hungry every half hour he is 40days old. i m giving breastfeeding as well as formula milk. What should i do.? I get exhausted giving him feed every half hour. Even if i feed for an hour he gets hungry in half hour n if i free for having hour then also he's hungry after half n hour. What should i do
Answer: Hi dear,baby should not ask for feed every half an hour Ideally it should be every two hours. If you are able to feed fir 20 mins from each side than it is enough Sometimes baby just demands feeding because they like to latch as it gives them soothing g effect. Even when they are not hungry. So stop doing that.
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