Few weeks old baby

Question: After feeding my baby have whistle sound&sleepping time also,if any problem??

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Answer: hi this could be that the baby is snoring it is advisable to consult to the doctor for this for do not worry
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Question: What to do if baby gets hiccups after feeding.. And if d baby doesn't get burp after feeding..And also about gas problem
Answer: Hiccups are very common in months babies.. Burp your atleast 10 to 15 minutes after feeding. Feed your baby when he/she got hiccups and burp her. Babies vll hve gas problem too. No need to worry it vll reduce gradually when the baby grows up
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Question: 4month old baby breath time whistle sound .how to good for ayurvedhik treatment or homeopathy treatment
Answer: Give nasosaline nose drop 15 minute before feeding
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Question: Hi Doctor, my baby boy makes whistle sound often. Is it a sign of any breathing issue?
Answer: Hello ma'am Do consult a Pediatrician as sometimes if baby gets little cold and cough and due to cold which can cause nose blockage and cough infections you can hear the whistle sounds So do consult your Pediatrician Take care
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