38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After lmp EDD how long we can wait for normal labour pain?

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Answer: If mother and baby are doing well, you can wait up to 41 weeks ie 1 week after your due date for normal labor pain. Count your daily fetal movements and make once weekly visits to the doctor for check up of baby's heartbeat and amount of amniotic fluid. It is advisable to get admitted in the hospital on your expected date even if you have no pain, for supervision of baby condition If factors are favourable you can go for artificial pain induction for normal delivery, ask your doctor about it.
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Answer: Am so sorry about last miscarriage.better to plan after 3 months and start taking folic acid supplementation from now it self to prevent neural tube defects.or once feel emotionally and physically ready for pregnancy then you can plan.take care and all the best
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