30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: after eating anything i have gas..what cn i do

7 Answers
Answer: The hormone progesterone is one of the main causes of excess gas during pregnancy. As your body produces more progesterone to support your pregnancy, progesterone relaxes muscles in your body. This includes the muscles of your intestine. Slower moving intestine muscles mean that your digestion slows down. This allows gas to build up, which in turn leads to bloating, burping, and flatulence. 1. Drink plenty of fluids 2. Stay active and do walk and yoga. 3. Cut down gassy foods like potatoes, wheat, broccoli,egg plant etc. 4. Rich fibre food intake, figs, and bananas, and vegetables, as well as whole grains like oats and flax meal are all good fiber boosters to consider. 5. Light meal often and moderate amount. 6. Fennel seeds and buttermilk for easy digestion.
Answer: even I have the same problem, my mom suggested to have food in smaller quantities with intervals
Answer: Drink more water 3-4 ltrs per day.. Walk for a while after ur meals take Fibre content food
Answer: after eating don't lie down mediately.. do mild walking..
Answer: drink buttermilk it will help u a lot
Answer: hv ajwain with saunf after meals.
Answer: same problem