1 months old baby

Question: After delivery when period start?

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Answer: Hello dear, ur periods returns often depends on whether ur are breast feeding or not, and u might find ur periods after pregnancy a little different. Your periods will most probably return about six to eight weeks after u give birth, if u are not breastfeeding. If u do breastfeed the timing for period to return can little late coz the of the body's hormones.
Answer: Can't say ...because untill to breastfeed ur baby it can be gap of 4,6month to 1year...my sister in law had her periods after 6 month when she introduce top feed to her baby like dal ka Pani ,suji halwa etc
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Question: When start period after delivery
Answer: Dear if you have been breastfeeding the delay in periods is normal. I had them in my 8th month after delivery. So do not worry you will soon have them. Hope it helps.
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Question: After normal delivery when will period start ?
Answer: Hello! It is difficult to say when will the period start. As some might not receive periods before the 12 months or some get periods after two months of delivery too. Hence there is no fixed time. Take care
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Question: When period get start after delivery?
Answer: Hello dear, there's no fixed period of time within which your menstruation will start.. for some women it may start within few months post delivery and for some it may start after a year or so... It depends on your body... So don't worry about it dear..
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Question: After delivery when next menstrual period start
Answer: Hi.. if u are not feeding ur baby then ur periods will take around 10 weeks time to return. But if u are breastfeeding ur baby then ur periods can be delayed for 20 weeks or more.But it also depends on the hormonal levels. Some women find their period returns the very next month after the birth and at the other end,some women don’t  menstruate until well after twelve months.
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