32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After delivery when can we start wearing postpregnancy belts in case of normal and c section?

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Answer: Hi dear,it's advisable to waer it after 2 months of delivery..
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Question: Since when i can start using meternity belts for saggy tummy in case of normal delivery?
Answer: hi if you have had a normal delivery , then you can use a big cotton cloth to tie up your Saggy tummy helding it up .. you can initially use cotton cloth for two weeks to tie up your saggy tummy .. if you are ok you can also sleep with your tummies is down on bed ... the gas inside the stomach must pass out . you can tie up with cloth initially for few weeks and then after one or two weeks you could replace it with Maternity belts. if you are comfortable you can also start using your Maternity belt right now .
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Question: When can we start wearing waist belt after delivery especially in case of C section?
Answer: you can start wearing your waist belt on your second month or 45 days after c section.. don't use ur belt when you sleep . you can wear it for rest of the day . if you find any discomfort you can also remove the belt at midday and resume after evening .. since t s summer you may sweat more after you wear this belt .. so wash once in a week . gently lift up your tummy above stitches and then put on your belt ..
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Question: when we can start wearing belt after C section??
Answer: Hi dear,u can start to use wearing belt after healing of all of ur incision..so its better to use after 2-3 months of delivery..
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