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Question: After delivery till how many month I need to take pre natal tablets

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Answer: Calcium and iron tablets till 6 months
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Question: Till how many months after delivery month should take cal and iron tablets?
Answer: After delivery are you taking iron and calcium tablet? If not, this is the main reason,  you are feeling tired. Iron and calcium rich diet is required for mothers who are breastfeeding. Incase your diet contains insufficient amount of iron or calcium, you should take supplements as advised by the doctor. This is so because the mother is not only eating for herself but also providing nutrition for the baby. A baby's need for calcium is significant in the early months - for teething and bone development of the entire body. If the mother does not take enough calcium in her foods and dietary supplements, she will begin to lose her own calcium  that will get passed on to the baby through breast milk. You can take atleast 6 month. Along with, you need to more rest and healthy diet also.
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