2 months old baby

Question: After delivery sometimes my finger joints are pain and swell. Is that normal? What to do for this

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Answer: Drink lots of water, little excercise. Consult doctor
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Question: i have pain in my arms and legs including joints specially finger joint. what to do to avoid that
Answer: Drink plenty of water... It is very common in pregnancy...
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Question: My body is swell after delivery what should I do??
Answer: Hi dear. mild swelling on legs and face is totally normal after delivery as many of women experience this . it is just due to extra retention of fluid in body after delivery . drink more water it will help your body expell that extra fluid out of it . whenever you sleep keep your legs elevated good 2-3 pillows under your legs or feet it will help you. walking is a very good solution of this swelling if you will go for walk daily , it will reduce swelling . avoid drinking coffee and tea . decrease intake of iodine and increase intake of potassium . swelling can also be result due to improper blood circulation in body so if you will get a good body massage it will also help you in reducing swelling . I hope this will help you
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Question: My legs are swell with toe pain what should i do homeremedy for that
Answer: Hi. during pregnancy The body generates fifty percent more body fluids to meet the developing baby’s needs and that also causes swelling which is called edema. Edema or normal swelling is noticed in hands, face, legs, ankles, and feet during this time. The absorption of fluid softens the body, which enables it to enlarge as the baby develops. So dont sit in one position for long, neither stand for two long. Keep rotating your ankle clock wise and anti clock wise . Also deeping your leg in warm salt water will help. Try to massage leg with luke warm water. Little walkinv and exercise will help as well.
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