20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: after delivery kya vagina tight ho sakti hai... like before

1 Answers
Answer: The doctors give the following recommendations:  Refrain from sexual life during this period. You should know the terms when the vagina recovers after childbirth to let the injured tissue of the uterus that forms in the area where the placenta was heal. If you have sex sooner, an infection can get into an open wound and then the inflammation of the uterus (endometritis) will start. That’s why during the first two months after the baby has been born the couple will have to be patient where sex is concerned.  For the vagina to recover sooner you should do special Kegel exercise. Learn to contract and relax the vaginal muscles by turns within 10 seconds. You have to do three sessions each time. You need such practice every day, it’ll make it possible to improve blood flow, raise the sexual tone and strengthen vaginal muscles.  If the dryness in the vagina is bothering you, you can use various gel lubricants during sexual intercourse. Now you know what happens to the vagina after childbirth, what changes it endures and how to hasten its rehabilitation. With correct body care after childbirth, a woman will be back to normal soon, fix her sexual relationship with her husband and feel healthy and beautiful young mother.