1 months old baby

Question: after delivery itself iron and calcium tablets should be must or not? plz reply... my doctor Nothing giving to me aft delivery

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Answer: Not
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Question: My doctor had not asked me to take calcium and iron tablets. Should I still take calcium and iron tablets or wait till next appointment with doctor?
Answer: Hi dear u can simply call ur doctor and he will advise. It is advised to have it at any case as it keep u heathy and keep a proper growth of baby.
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Question: Few people's will tell me not to take more calcium or iron tablets in pregnancy ....my doctor giving more tablets should I take or not ?
Answer: You should definitely listen to your doctor because doctor knows better than others and iron and calcium tablets are given by all doctors to all pregnant women and it is safe
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Question: Hello..does taking calcium tablets for long duration causes kidney issues? How many months should calcium and iron tablets be continued after delivery? Hoping for reply..
Answer: Hi dear if you have a problem of kidney stone then vs consuming fashion supplement for longer period of time can give or elevated this problem. You should drink lots of water to avoid such problems during pregnancy and even during lactation. You should consult this with your doctor whether you should continue it or not. Hope it helps.
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Question: I'm 16 weeks pregnant, doctor gave iron and calcium tablets. Is it must to take ?
Answer: Yes dear it's very important for your baby's growth calcium will help in development of babies born as well as iron will help in maintaining hemoglobin level of you and your baby
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