1 months old baby

Question: after delivery itself iron and calcium tablets should be must or not? plz reply... my doctor Nothing giving to me aft delivery

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Answer: Not
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Question: After delivery how long should we take iron calcium tablets
Answer: Hi! Its minimum for 3 months but few Dr.s prescribe for more than that if the mother continue to feed the baby to rule out any deficiency in mother.. Hope it helps!
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Question: Which tablets should not be taken with milk or tea. Iron or calcium?
Answer: Hi dear u should avoid taking iron tablets with any calcium tablets or calcium contiaNing food. U should take those food 2 hours before or after iron tablets.
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Question: My doctor prescribed iron ans calcium tablets shall i start now itself?
Answer: Hello.. yes,you should start having them right now, and don't miss to take them,it has all essential nutrients needed for the baby's growth, apart from prenatal tablet,have a healthy nutrious diet,with mild exercise during pregnancy will yield you a healthy baby..
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Question: After caeserian calcium and iron tablets should be taken for how long??
Answer: Till u r breastfeeding
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