2 months old baby

Question: After delivery I have hip n leg pain when I get up from bed every morning.

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Answer: It might be due to weakness.. drink milk daily and take calcium tables until you stop feeding.. slowly you will recover.. your body needs time
Answer: Its normal. Common to every one don't worry aap oil massage lijiye issue aapka pain khatam hota hota body ko relief milegi
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Question: Hi i am 20 weeks pregnant i am getting hip pain and when i sleep on bed its very difficult to get up from bed and to walk
Answer: Dear the two sciatic nerves in your body run from the lower back to the feet. When an enlarged uterus puts pressure on the nerves, you can experience pain, numbness, or a tingling sensation in the buttocks, hips, and thighs. Another possible cause of hip pain during the second trimester is round ligament pain. Some natural ways for nerv pain safe during pregnancy pregnancy are as follows dear-: 1.) Garlic Milk The anti-inflammatory activity of garlic is highly beneficial in reducing the inflammation and pain that accompany sciatica. You Will Need 10 garlic cloves, 2 cups of milk, 1 cup of water, Honey (optional). Add the milk, water, and crushed garlic cloves to a saucepan and bring it to a boil.Simmer for 5 minutes and then strain the milk.Allow it to cool a bit. Add a little honey.Drink a cup of garlic milk twice a day. 2.) Hot or Cold Compress 3.) Drink ginger tea at least thrice daily.The anti-inflammatory and analgesic nature of ginger, can help in reducing the inflammation and pain associated with sciatica. Hope this helps.
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Question: Lower back pain, stomach tighting ,n some pain when i ll get up from bed...is it normal....
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand how worried you must be now. Pains and tightness can be due to different reasons like gas problem, indigestion problem etc. Take cumin water with ghee and sugar added as it helps to reduce pain. Avoid spicy masala food. Drink more water and eat vegetables and fruits.If pain doesn't come down or you find any other symptoms Consult doctor.Take care
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Question: Vein gets erupted every time when i get up from bed
Answer: Hi, I think you mean that you feel pain in vagina when you get up. This is absolutely normal as there is pressure of the growing baby on the pelvic muscles. Nothing to worry about.
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