5 months old baby

Question: After delivery I have first time joined with my partner yesterday but I have little pain in my vaginal is this normal

Answer: Normally you shouldn't hv any discomfort, if you feel any pain then wait for few weeks or contact your gynecologists. If my answer is satisfied then mark as helpful.
Answer: Yes it's normal. But consult doctor if feel heavy pain
Answer: Yes it's completely normal.
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Question: I have feel little pain in my vagina at passing urine time ...this is my second pregnancy. .first is normal delivery .any problem for this kind of pain
Answer: It may b due to infectn...drink plenty of water...always stay hydrated..eat more fruits..nd if the pain persists den meet ur doctr... Urinary infctn is common during pregnancy...the cause is only lack of water-dehydration...the only soln is to prevent is to drnk watr... as u have pain in ur vagina..u jzy meet ur doc
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Question: I had Cesarean with my first baby. Can I have normal delivery this time?
Answer: I also had csection and my dr. told that if you give 3yrs gap then you will chances of normal delivery will have. so how old your baby is?
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Question: Hello. Is it normal to have little pain in uterus after normal delivery. . i had my normal delivery with stitches last week . plz do reply someone
Answer: Dear how bad is the pain? Usually it takes about 20 days to heal. In case the pain is unbearable you can visit you doc. If not please take lots of rest The uterus is getting back to shape na That's why the pain. Just be relaxed
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