2 months old baby

Question: After delivery i had periods till 1 month... but next month i didn't get my periods...i had periods between 11th april to 11th may..i am breast feeding mom...when will i get my periods???

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Answer: Hello Dear, It's normal.. there's n usual time for you to ovulate again and for your periods to start again. It varies from woman to woman. If you are breastfeeding you may ovulate as early as nine weeks or 10 weeks after giving birth. Your period would then start two weeks later, at 11 weeks or 12 weeks after giving birth.
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    Joys Ezhilarasi953 days ago

    Thank you mam

Answer: U can get ur next periods any time within the nextvyr. Some mom's get soon somevafter6 months and some after a yr
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Question: I am 3 month old baby mom,I got my periods exactly one month after delivery and also the next month,but this month my periods didn't come,is there any pbm,I am giving bm for my baby
Answer: Hello! It is normal to get your periods after one month of delivery. But in case you don't get your periods this month, then please make sure you consult your do once.
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Question: i had copper t when my c section was done ..i had my first periods on Dec 24 after delivery ...i didn't get my periods yet 1 month over ...my baby have breast milk only in night ...
Answer: This is absolutely normal. Many women experience irregular periods when breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is driven by the release of hormones and those hormones can make your periods unpredictable. Its takes some time to regulate your periods.
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Question: My baby is 1 month 6 days old & she didn't reach till after deliver time weight I feeding her between 2-3hrs gap but her weight didn't gain?
Answer: Feed your baby at every two hours for 20mins each breast. This will ensure that baby gets hindmilk which contains calories and fats which is responsible for weight gain in baby.
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