2 months old baby

Question: After delivery by c sec wat n al i can do? I mean wen can i sit on floor, etc!

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Answer: Dint sit on floor, dont sit for long time, take rest atleast 1 month, have balanced diet, avoid gaseous food, red meat, brinjal, have elephant foot
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Question: Whn can i sit on floor after c-section
Answer: Hi dear I started sitting after 1 month but it purely depends on ur body weight , ur body recovery and ur comfort. If u r not comfortable then don't stress urslef at all.
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Question: 2months after C-section can I sit on the floor
Answer: Hi dear. no dear you should not sit like that it can create a problem to your stitches of these avoid sitting in any position which can stretch your stitches.
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Question: What n al i can eat after c sec delivery..its been a month now
Answer: Avoid besan chickpea except these You can eat anything use ghee instead of oil for tampering
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