1 months old baby

Question: After delivering the baby 1 month back.. i had experienced that i was not urinating for 2 days. and all of sudden my breast dried up thankfully these two things are now normal. now i am urinating as well as am able to feed my baby. just wanted to know what could be possible reason for these things

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Answer: Hi! I think it has happened due to severe dehydration. All the water from the body was drained hence you faced the condition. Its good that you keeping well now and able to feed. However dont forget to consume loads of water . Keep well.
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    Vinil Valmikk1160 days ago

    thnk u so much for the advice...

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Answer: Don't get too worried as he is only 2 and it's good that you are concerned and try to work on it, like some baby starts walking late same ways some babies start talking late you can try encourage speech and language by talking with him about EVERYTHING Explain what you are doing in the car, in the kitchen, at the shops, at your social outings. Talk a lot. And ask lots of questions to elicit some kind of response. “What can you see?” , “What would you like most to play with?”, “What should we make for morning tea today?”, “Which friend would you like to play with?” These questions will encourage her to make conversation.  u give him speech therapy. check with your child, if she rolls her tongue, can stick his tongue out. Basically mouth exercises. MAke him blow a candle with a huff sound. A speech therapist will be able to help the child use the tongue and mouth properly to make sounds. Make sure that your child is not eating soft foods only, is he using her tongue and teeth properly while eating 
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