1 months old baby

Question: After deliver mother can sleep r not after lunch

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Answer: hi yes mother can sleep anytime she feels tired because she also needs Meenakshi the more she will be relaxed and come the more she will feel better and will be able to take care of the baby in a much better way the more she will rest and the most she will have a good and healthy diet it will also help in proper milk production
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Question: Can i sleep after taken lunch doctor
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy please do not sleep as soon as you eat give a gap of at least one hour and do not over sleep drink a glass of warm milk or water after you get up good luck
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Question: After lunch..Is it safe to sleep?
Answer: Hi dear surely u can sleep but don't sleep immediately after having food ad it can give u indigestion. .Walk for sometimes and then sleep.
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Question: Can I sleep in the afternoon after lunch?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can definitely sleep, there would be no problem. Take care.
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